• Todd Curtis Wohl, Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar

    As a Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist/ and Song writer, I have played and performed with many musicians and events including current and past members of Dr Hook and the Steve Miller Band.

    "Southbound Band is one of the best Classic Rock variety Bands I have EVER Played in." I Was Borne and raised in Brainerd Lakes area where life was music, fishing/Hunting and the great outdoors.

    I am a proud GULF WAR VETERAN and reside in St Cloud, MN area with my Wife Ronda, and now tour and enjoy the best of amazing people playing "Southbound Band" music Variety.

  • Dean M. Rosenberg, Guitarist/Backup Vocals

    Started playing guitar my senior year of high school and haven’t stopped since! Learned to read music on the trumpet, then took ear training and theory classes in college.

    Most of my playing was derived from listening to albums, cassettes, and the radio when I was still young.

    I listen to a lot of music and am as much an devout audiophile as I am a musician. Played in a few other bands before starting Southbound in about 2004. Still searching for that perfect guitar that plays with the ease and precision of a Suhr or Ibanez, but has the sweet vintage tones of a Tele or Strat….until then, I’ll just have an assortment close at hand.

    A complex pedal board that now changes its appearance less frequently plays a large part in sculpting my sound, and I would rarely consider plugging them into something other than a quality tube amplifier.

    I do play occasional acoustic shows with friends, but only when I’m not killing it with SOUTHBOUND.

    Pretty excited to be a part of this current lineup and looking forward to seeing you at the many upcoming shows!


  • Charles D. Erickson, Bassist / Backup Vocals

    I bought my first guitar when the Beatles came to America in February 1964. We started our garage band "The Outcrowd" in my mom's basement. We had three guitars and a drummer. One of the members mentioned that we needed a bass player so I agreed and went and traded my six string for a bass. We worked up all the current sixties hits and a few other good ones and by fall we were ready to go. Our first gig was a Jr. High sock hop. From there we started getting gigs all over NW Iowa. We even had one gig on the Empress boat on Lake Okoboji one night.

    After many years of not playing I resumed in 2002, playing with The Midlife Crisis Band, The David Jo Band, Rock Bottom Blues, Roadkill, Suite 1A and Deep Fried Tweeters . In 2011 I joined the Classic Rock Band SouthBound and have been rocking the classics ever since. I currently play a Musicman Stingray 5 and a Fender Custom Jazz bass, through a Hartke Kilo 1000 head with Hartke HyDrive 4X10 and 15 Cabinets.

    Along the way I have been influenced by Gary B. Jacobs, Clearwater Florida; Michael G. Calvert, Nashville, TN; David Kuchera, Glenville, MN; The Beatles, Beach Boys, Yardbirds and many other classic rock favorites. It is a great pleasure to be playing along side with this group of talented musicians. I hope to see you at our next show.

  • Tab A. Dornbusch, Drums/Lead & Backup Vocals

    37 Years' Experience

    Past member with these popular Minnesota bands: The Taxmen, Karmen Goldwin, Night Shift, Barefoot Boogie, as well as vocal and percussion collaboration with many other groups and artists.

    Equipment: Tama, Zildjian, Roland